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Hazard Warning Sign on Maui Beach

The warning sign below means that there are jellyfish in the area where it is posted.



Jellyfish aren't actually fish at all, but jelly-like creatures with long tentacles that can sting you if you accidentally touch or step on them. You might be surprised to learn that even dead jellyfish can sting!

Jellyfish look kind of like a mushroom with their tentacles trailing below them in the water. On the beach, they may look more like a clear jelly blob.

Jellyfish are most common on the south and west beaches of Maui and usually appear about a week and a half after a full moon.

Stay away from the water when the Jellyfish Warning is posted.

This page is for information only. Do NOT use this as a guide to find out if the beach is safe. We recommend that you check with the local authorities and lifeguards to find out about the current conditions. IF IN DOUBT, DON'T GO OUT.

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